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Telecommunications market

The quality and expertise that have distinguished our company since its inception have allowed us to earn an increasingly leading role in this sector over the years.

Our mission is to offer state-of-the-art accessories and systems for telecommunications networks with superior quality, performance and efficiency from every perspective.
This is why our team is constantly at work, using the latest technology available, to deliver solutions which cater in full to the needs of a market that is looking increasingly towards the development of fibre optic infrastructures.

This is what sets FIMAR apart as a pioneering company in continuous growth dedicated to the development of concrete, effective solutions.
The services our company offers are recognised as among the best in this sector by established leading players such as Fastweb, a FIMAR client for years.

The activities of the entire company are all geared towards two primary goals: superior quality and competitive pricing.
Quality is the essential attribute that has allowed our accessories for telecommunications networks to become some of the most highly sought-after in this market.
Especially in a sector like ours, being able to develop solutions that will continue to deliver excellent performance in the mid to long term is crucial.
And on top of this, as mentioned before, is an extremely competitive price point.

FIMAR offers specific solutions for telephone service operators and installers conceived to cater not only for their performance needs, but also for the economic requirements of any application.

Sales department

The sales department is primarily tasked with handling customer relations. The staff of this department keeps in continuous contact with users to offer an immediately responsive support and assistance service.
Clients and prospective customers can also contact us through this department for any information or support they need concerning materials, products and prices.


The primary goal of FIMAR is to offer its clients tailor-made solutions which cater for their specific needs.
The design team finds out what the client needs and then develops a bespoke technical project on the basis of these requirements.
This approach ensures that the client receives a unique, custom solution.

Sourcing department

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of what we do is organising the quantities of materials necessary to realise the many projects we have in the pipeline at any given time.
A team of specialised operators is constantly at work to optimise sourcing and avoid the risk of production downtime.


The production department is the beating heart of FIMAR, where the true core activity of the company takes place. This is where all of our products are fabricated and assembled by specialised technical personnel.
Production is one of the cornerstones on which all the activities of the company are based.

Quality control

The role of the quality control department is to monitor and verify the specific characteristics of each individual product. It does this through specific testing devised to pick up even the tiniest defect and make sure that only products of the utmost quality reach the market.
This department is also tasked with personnel training and ensuring that every element of our workforce meets the exacting criteria necessary to do the best job possible.

Company structure

This company’s strength also comes from the outstanding organisation of the departments involved in the development of the end product.
In detail, the corporate structure of FIMAR is subdivided into five highly specialised departments which work in concert to develop and produce products of superlative quality.





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