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FIMAR has experience of creating products for telecommunication networks, lasting longer than ten years.

Their high technological level, the use of computer aided design and their production flexibility, have allowed the company to meet excellent quality goals in a short time, and to partner with all the companies working in the telecom field.

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FIMAR assures that 3D computer aided design is used throughout their organisation, thus allowing the configuration and placement of the product in respect of plant-engineering requirements to be displayed in real time. By drawing details from the assembly, this technology allows Production to create a prototype quickly, and a testing and inspection line shortly afterwards.

Thanks to their technical experience, FIMAR can develop special products dimensionally and functionally customised, in the field of copper wire and optical fibre accessories.

Only a few pictures relating to our production can be shown in these pages. We suggest that you read the FIMAR TECHNICAL CATALOGUE, available in a restricted area on this site, for a complete and up-to-date documentation. Those interested can request the User ID and Password by filling in the Form to Request Access to FIMAR Technical Catalogue.