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Quality certifications

FIMAR has always believed that Quality is a fundamental part of their corporate structure.

In 1993 FIMAR was one of the first companies in the field with a certified quality system. And going forward, they held up customer satisfaction as a primary objective � a principle that they continue to stand by today.

FIMAR is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

FIMAR certifications

FIMAR quality

For FIMAR, quality means:

  • Products strictly complying with specifications
  • Inspections and tests carried out across all production stages
  • Suppliers carefully selected
  • Highly skilled personnel
  • Promptness of responses to the client
  • Guarantee of delivery terms
  • Total flexibility in production

Declaration of conformity

All of FIMAR's products come with internal and external tracking tags featuring all the necessary information tracing back to each step in the product's production cycle, which may even date back several years.

In addition, all of their products come with a �Declaration of Conformity� guaranteeing that the product has passed all the controls carried out during the factory inspection process.

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