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FIMAR was founded in 1991 as a carpentry contractor, initially working as a supplier. Soon after the company partnered with clients involved in the field of telecommunications, developing and making improvements, while acquiring new technologies in the accessories field for telecommunication networks.

FIMAR, with its highly flexible structure, is now developing its own products and transforming them into a reality for their clients using state-of-the-art machinery and highly-trained personnel, quickly and competitively obtaining an optimum quality/price ratio by using a quality system that follows their product from its very beginning to the final stage of delivery.

FIMAR is an industry leader in Italy and internationally for all companies operating in the field of telecommunications and telecom accessories.

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Corporate structure

The company is divided into five main groups that work together efficiently to meet the objectives their clients demand:

  • The Sales Department maintains relationships with clients and is responsible for marketing the materials produced
  • The Design Department, in collaboration with the client, develops the product and draws up complete technical specifications, while respecting the specification and/or the regulations of the final client
  • The Purchasing Department forecasts the demand for all necessary production materials, using suppliers that are approved by our Quality Assurance
  • Production is responsible for all production phases
  • Quality Assurance is responsible for performing inspections and tests, in accordance with internal ISO 9001:2000 certified quality procedures, and for keeping the personnel technical skills up-to-date
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FIMAR S.r.l. is represented in Spain by ATEL REDES S.A. On the Spanish market, our products can be acquired from our Spanish partner.

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